N / C Standing Long Jump Coach Leg Strength Resistance Band Vertical Jump Training Device, Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate Fighting, Leg Strength and Agility Training Band for Hitting Speed


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  • ·It can be exercised anytime and anywhere, with soft material, easy to fold and carry. You can use it at home, in the office or on vacation. The ankle strap is soft and strong, has strong adhesion, and will not stretch due to excessive stretching during exercise.
  • ·From a biomechanical point of view, improving leg strength can do anything to achieve squat action or participate in any exercise. It is helpful for enhancing jumping, speed and strength. Rubber ankle/adjustable wrist ring, press The buckle can add more elastic rope to increase resistance
  • ·Tightening belt is very suitable for family fitness and sports training. These two tensions have strong resistance and are very suitable for leg training. They are suitable for football training and leg muscle training. Tension bands are very effective for muscle training. The operation is simple, whether it is a beginner or a health expert can meet the needs.
  • ·Multiple effects: From a biomechanical point of view, improving leg strength can do anything that can squat or participate in any sports, which is very helpful for enhancing jumping, speed and strength.
  • ·Durable, safe and comfortable: The resistance rope made of latex tube has strong resilience and high resistance to prevent collapse and bounce. It comes with an adjustable belt. The larger inner liner is sewn well and has better adjustability, suitable for waist circumferences of 25 inches to 41 inches.

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This is very beneficial for your training, such as boxing, fencing, basketball, football, tennis, track and field training, squat and bow and arrow training is an excellent Exercise tool that can enhance leg strength, strength and explosive power to improve your physical skills to Higher level.

This will provide you with great help in boxing training. Very useful for any type of training.

Increase vertical jump, improve leg strength, leg explosiveness, agility, running speed, flexibility, balance and endurance.


* Stretching straps are very suitable for fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, strength training, postpartum recovery, injury recovery, etc.

*Stretch rope can be used for a variety of exercise methods. You only need to change your posture to exercise the muscles of your arms, abdomen and legs.

*. Resistance rope is very suitable for yoga, back and abdominal training or low-impact exercises, and can also help office workers relieve back pain.

*The resistance rope is made of high-quality natural latex material, with good elasticity, no peculiar smell, wear-resistant and durable.

Material: rubber, cloth

Color: green, yellow, black, red, blue

Weight: 400g


2 resistance band

1×Adjustable belt

2×Ankle strap


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